Cancer Christ – God is Violence LP [PRE-ORDER]


This item is a PRE-ORDER with a release date around March / April 2024.


Please note that the provided date is estimated and may be subject to change due to factors beyond our control.

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Side A
1. Hail Christ Intro
2. Do You Wanna Go to Heaven
3. Baptized in Piss and Shit
4. God Hates Cops
5. Hail Christ I
6. Bring Back the Guillotine
7. Prosperity Preacher
8. Worship Interlude
9. Jesus Got a Big ‘ol Cock
10. Tithe or Die


Side B
11. God Made Me Do It
12. Hail Christ IV
13. God Bless the Rapists
14. Taking Up Serpents
15. The Blood of Jesus Christ
16. Satan is a Bitch
17. Hail Christ II
18. Make Them All Dead
19. Saint Anthony’s Sermon

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400 x LPs
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200 x Color-in-Color

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