Møtivatiøn – The Infinite 8 Steps tø Pøwer / Møney / Møre LP

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MØTIVATIØN, a collaboration of top tier creatives from across the heavy music spectrum,

A mammoth project uniting an eclectic array of musicians, the ambitious effort boasts twelve stirring psalms brought to fruition by members of Agnostic Front, L7, Black Anvil, Toxic Holocaust, High Reaper, Obituary, Lunachicks, EYEHATEGOD, Faith No More, Norman Reedus of The Walking Dead, and so many more. The premise of MØTIVATIØN is simple: If you want to motivate yourself by motivating others and/or motivate others by motivating yourself, then your positive collaboration will be most welcome. MØTIVATIØN’s immersive listening experience and teachings continually challenge and engage candidates searching for the best possible version of themselves.

Comments chief motivator/instigator/orchestrator, Ø, “The goal is to cultivate a culture of positive collaboration in which individuals actively contribute to each other’s evolution, and to achieve these through a unique process designed for a unique audience. In short, this is all about personal development. Are you familiar with the field of ‘life coaches’ and ‘motivational speakers?’ Have you ever been frustrated with how artificial, and…well, ‘normal’ they tend to be? Have you ever felt like you would like a role model like that, but none of them feel relatable to you? We have.

“Our vision is about crafting a subculture approach to personal development,” he continues. “The ‘dark’ imagery and mysterious language are tools to create a distinct ‘vibe’ and culture which will appeal to the outcasts and misfits and repel those who are unwilling to face their own darkness. Our processes and strategies are intentionally novel, mysterious, and even sometimes apparently dark. Psychologically, this allows individuals to experience them with a sho-shin-beginner mind. A sense of curiosity and apprehension which activates the nervous system in a different way.”

released February 22, 2022

The Infinite 8 Steps To Power / Money / More Track Listing:
1. Step Øne (In 5 Easy Steps) (Feat. Theo Kogan, Joel Grind, Lucy Pierce, Shane Trimble)
2. Swalløw (Feat. Theo Kogan, Roger Miret, Shane Trimble)
3. Prisøn Løgic (Feat. Mike IX Williams, Parris Mayhew, Gina Volpe, Shane Trimble)
4. Cøntrol (Feat. Paul Delaney, Theo Kogan)
5. Initium Fire/Gøld (Feat. Donita Sparks, Gina Volpe, Theo Kogan)
6. Medi (C+T) Atiøn (Feat. Paul Delaney, Theo Kogan, Victoria Starr)
7. Helder Fan Eagen, Ferljøchte Fan Geast (Feat. John Bart Van Der Wal, Thomas Haywood)
8. Pay Tø Play (Feat. Roger Miret, Roddy Bottum, Theo Kogan , Richie Long)
9. Øpen (Feat. Eddley Odowd, Theo Kogan)
10. Revelation Denied (Feat. Erik Payne, Gregg Roberts, Mike Radford, John Sutton, Kenny Andrews)
11. Løgistics (Feat. Norman Reedus, Matt Katz-Bohen, Theo Kogan, Shane Trimble)
12. Spøils; Zenith (Feat. Roddy Bottum, Victoria Starr, Genesis P Orridge, Norman Reedus, Eddley Odowd, Joe Letz, Andy Duval)


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