Intoxicated – Watch You Burn LP


1. Assholian Mode
2. Grovel
3. Watch You Burn
4. Legacy’s Demise
5. Majestic Ride
6. Force Fed
7. Dumpster Dive
8. Revelation Denied
9. Analyze
10. Inevitable End

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“Back for the metallic attack, Intoxicated have released their long-awaited sophomore full-length Watch You Burn. True, the Walled EP was released to headbanging plaudits in 2020, but Watch You Burn shows Payne, bassist/vocalist Gregg Roberts, guitarist John Sutton, and drummer Mike Radford firing on all cylinders. With thrashtastic tracks like “Revelation Denied,” “Assholian Mode,” “Legacy’s Demise,” and “Watch You Burn,” Intoxicated demonstrate hard-to-control brutality with a ragged, dissonant edge. That Kenny Andrews (Obituary, ex-Andrew WK) and Municipal Waste’s Tony Foresta guest on Watch You Burn is one thing, but that it was produced, mixed, and mastered by Ryan Boesch (Foo Fighters, Andrew WK) at Candor Recording (formerly Morbid Angel’s HQ) in Tampa checks all the requisite “Florida metal” boxes. Watch You Burn is a must-hear for diehards of (old-school) Kreator, Death, Protector, Obituary, and Devastation.”

 – Decibel Magazine

“Florida’s Intoxicated welcomes the change of the seasons with their second full-length Watch You Burn, a riotous volume of crossover thrash that lurches over into metal violently enough to plunge into old-school death metal while they’re at it. This is red-hot heaviness, clearly unconcerned with what genres might be involved and instead prioritizing crafting absolute rippers with no fat or filler. Each song on the album is a scorching exercise in to-the-point songwriting…”

 – Invisible Oranges

Watch You Burn feels streetwise, knowing and yet simplistic enough in its approach. Occasionally a genre needs a kick up the arse and Intoxicated have done that with one big boot.”

 – Metal Forces Magazine

“Generally speaking, these are sounds you’ll certainly be familiar with, but none of that matters one iota, because this is a band really starting to find its footing and hit it’s stride 32 years in to its unique, fascinating career. It’s one of the best stories in metal right now, and Watch You Burn most definitely deserves your attention.”

 – Teeth of the Divine

“This band has been honing and sharpening their skills for a long time to bring us a worthy statement of intent. And Watch You Burn is quite a statement. Released just last month on Seeing Red Records. You have no alternative but to go get this album and play it very fuckin loud. Spread the word, people! “

The Metal Wanderlust

released June 24, 2022

Erik Payne – Guitar / Vocals
Gregg Roberts – Bass / Backing Vocals
John Sutton – Guitar
Mike Radford – Drums

All music and lyrics by Intoxicated
Produced by Ryan Boesch and Intoxicated
Mixed and Mastered by Ryan Boesch at Candor Recording. Tampa, Florida.
Cover Art by Celeste Brown @verygoodbreakfast
Layout by Nino Cammarata
Photography by James Covington @nativebikes

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