Sunlight’s Bane / Geist – Split 7″ EP

1. Sunlight’s Bane – 指詰め 01:19
2. Sunlight’s Bane – Spoke the Cancerous Void 03:18
3. Geist – Gold Sores 03:25
4. Geist – Location Data 02:30

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In a growing world of violence and hatred, a sound to reflect the despicable nature of man will be heard in the form of a split 7″ from SUNLIGHT’S BANE and GEIST….

If malice had a voice it would undeniably sound similar to England’s GEIST. If vehemence could speak it would resemble that of Michigan’s bastard sons SUNLIGHT’S BANE. Two of the darkest shades of audial terror converge in a kataklysmic expulsion of all that weighs down the human condition. Often bleak, frequently catastrophic, this is the soundtrack to a unique psychological warfare. Join two of the underground’s emerging giants and relish in your own destruction.

SEEING RED RECORDS have teamed up with German record label and distributor, WOOAAARGH, and VETALA PRODUCTIONS out of the UK to bring you a split 7″ D-Beat / Grind attack from two great powers on either side of the Atlantic on Sept 16th, 2016.

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