Trip Villain – Won LP


1. Won
2. The Villain
3. Is This Love?
4. Another Round
5. Fun Guy
6. Ego Death
7. Hum

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200 x EcoMix Vinyl

EcoMix uses leftover wax that’s already in the factory, meaning each record is different and the color is completely random. Ecomix vinyl has been created as part of the push towards zero waste at the vinyl pressing plant Trip Villain is a Brooklyn-based power duo that fuses synth-laden psychedelia with the prehistoric stomp of doom metal.


Josh Musto – Vocals, Guitars, Synth, Bass (Tragedy, ex-ShitKill, ex-Netherlands)

Damien Moffitt – Drums (Leach, ex-ShitKill, ex-Netherlands)

Stuart Leach – Vocals on track 1

Lily Blu – Vocals on track 4

Music by Josh Musto / Damien Moffitt

Lyrics by Josh Musto

Produced & Mixed by Trip Villain

Mastered by Ari Mihalopoulos

Drum engineering by Tom McCaffrey Recorded in Brooklyn, NY at Rad Hazard Studios, The Tea Factory, & The Elf House Art by Gregory Stovetop.

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