Occlith – Gates, Doorways, and Endings LP

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Occlith is a Doom Metal band based out of Sacramento, California, and features members of Swamp Witch, Chrch, Battle Hag, GraveCoven, and Pastoral.

“Occlith‘s debut is exactly the sort of long-droning ‘modern’ extreme doom metal record that the greater fandom of such rabidly seeks, as I am a seeker of such things I can happily give a high recommendation of it.”
Grizzly Butts

“Doom. Slow like us. Super like us. Members of Chrch, King Woman and Swamp Witch playing moody melodic stuff. Track 1 is my life motto. Track 2 my favorite bathing situation.”
Supersonic Zombies

“Deeply emotional and sincere, Gates, Doorways, and Endings reeks of old, ancient death. Soundtrack to a trudging funeral procession, Occlith’s debut full length is like an exhalation from an open burial mound. Through quintessentially a Doom release (slow but never too slow), the record has a crushingly evil backbone and both distinct psychedelic moments and heavier, almost Blackened passages. A discerning use of clean and harsher vocals helps complete an atmosphere suspended between life and death, always right on the thin line. A morose album if there ever has been one, for all those secretly (and less so) obsessed with death.”
Sovndtrack to the Apocalypse

“As relative newcomers, Sacramento doomers Occlith only recently released their expansive debut at the beginning of May, but it won’t be long before they’re a well-known name in the genre. The band’s ultra-slow sludge is vaguely reminiscent of the atmospheric realms of funeral doom, something that gives their music an ancient, ritualistic aura without ever hitting the breaks enough to lose momentum. Gates, Doorways, And Endings is a moody record with a well-executed blend of mournful melodies and weighty riffs. Give it a listen”
Astral Noize

released September 18, 2020

Phillip Gallagher on Guitar (Swamp Witch, GraveCoven, Bog Oak)
Daniel Aguilar on Guitar (Battle Hag)
Karl Cordtz on Vocals (CHRCH)
Patrick Hills on Drums (Pastoral, King Woman)
Courtland Miles on Bass (Gloriam Draconis)

Recorded, Mixed & Mastered by Patrick Hills at Earthtone Recording Company

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