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“Atlanta’s Dead Register has a complex kaleidoscope of sonic landscapes in their dark palette. Fronted by husband and wife tag team M.Chvasta (vocals, bass VI, bass) and Avril Che (keys, synthetic bass, piano bass, textures, backing vocals), the band is rounded out with the talents of drummer Randy Garcia. Together, the three musicians fuse a huge collection of inspirations into a rich, sophisticated hybrid of goth, post-punk, industrial, and 90s alternative rock. They do not simply bend genres; they snap them in half and rearrange them into entirely new crystalline structures.”
–“Somehow they’re able to capture a feeling of gothic melancholy, put it in a gilded post-punk cage, and fill it with an industrial fuzz that puts it out of its misery.”
CVLT NATION“Overall this is a heavier grooving album from what they have done in the past. The atmosphere that drips from the corners of their sound is weaponized negative space, crushed when the riffs contract. ”

“And that more than anything else is the mark of a great band. Dead Register have come back and almost effortlessly released one of my favorite records this year. Alive may be enveloped in the darkness, but true to its title it’s one of the most vital, alive records I’ve heard in 2022.”
Nine Circles

“Dead Register’s work imagines bands like the Cult or the Cure but filtered through Kyuss and maybe even a little Moonspell? Each track has just that little something extra to my expectations, and that’s why I found ‘Alive’ to be a captivating listen. Gloomy post-doom is close, but nothing else sounds like Dead Register and that is enough to recommend for me. Superb stuff.”
The Killchain

“The manic to magical heaviness of Dead Register entertains from start to finish and begs to be experienced, free of any expectations.”
Demonic Nights 8/10

“The Americans DEAD REGISTER have a new album, “Alive”, edited by Seeing Red Records, in which they display all their sound weapons, a dark/gothic metal where soundscapes are the order of the day, with hints darkened by the voice of Chvasta (also a bassist) and the keyboards of Avril Che, a hybrid between the gothic of the nineties, with industrial overtones reminiscent of The Crow’s soundtrack.”
Necromance Magazine

released May 13, 2022

Dead Register is:
M. Chvasta – Vocals, Bass VI, Bass IV
Avril Che – Bass Synthesis, 88 Keys, Textures, Vocals
Randy Garcia – Drums

Recorded by Randy Garcia, Avril Che, & M. Chvasta
Mixed & Mastered by Dan Dixon at RCD

Cover art by Stephen Kasner – Study for Self-Portrait (Ten Years Dying/ The Nodding Astronaut)
Live photos by Oscar Moreno
Design & Layout by Avril Che

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