Ian Blurton’s Future Now – Second Skin LP

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Second Skin catches the band at their strongest when they dig deep into darker and grittier tones with songwriting that takes creative risks, creating a raw sense of danger. It is this element that makes Blurton’s Future Now stand out among the growing new wave of classic rock inspired music. Had Second Skin been an EP collecting the absolute best of its nine songs, Blurton very well could have been sitting on an incredible debut release. Instead, Second Skin stands as a solid release that should excite fans to see when Blurton and his latest band will go next.”

Spill Magazine

Second Skin is electrifying. Propelled by frenetic guitars, layered vocals, and a high-octane rhythm section, this album is perfect for fans of Green Lung’s stunning guitar solos, Iron Maiden’s powerful bass lines, and Baroness’s intricate songwriting. “

Monster Riff

“Blurton seems to dig rawk ‘n’ roll in all its forms, filtering them through his own vision and making Second Skin into a hard rock record that doesn’t need denim jackets and banging heads to appreciate.”

The Big Takeover

“We’re premiering lead single “Like A Ghost,” which finds him offering up psychedelic stoner rock, and it stands out from the pack with an overhaul of bright melodies, both in his vocal hooks and in his endless riffs. It’s not everyday that stoner rock is this damn catchy.”

 – Brooklyn Vegan

“Beyond the potential are Blurton’s charismatic vocals and uncanny ability to write some of the catchiest hard rock songs around. Second Skin is 45 minutes of hard rock glory ranging from metal (“The Power of No”) to progressive hard rock (the title track). The album is loaded with hooks, earworm after earworm making each song an instant classic. “

 – Heavy Music HQ

“If you’re a fan of any kind of ’70s heavy rock – Southern boogie, NWOBHM, MC5/Stooges Detroit punk, Junk Shop glam or straight-up classic rock – we are willing to bet IAN BLURTON’S FUTURE NOW has something for you. If you’re the kind of person who might geek out on the vintage gear used to record that music, we’ll double down on that wager.”

Thoughts Words Action

released July 15, 2022

Ian Blurton’s Future Now is:

Ian Blurton : Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards
Glenn Milchem : Drums, Vocals
Anna Ruddick : Bass, Vocals
Aaron Goldstein : Guitar
with Sean Beresford : Guitar [8]
Robin Hatch : Piano [9]

Studios : The Rolling Stones Mobile at the Music Centre (Calgary), Progold (Toronto)
Engineers : Jason Tawkin, Eric Cinnamon, Ian Blurton
Mix : Daryl Smith at Chemical West
Mastering : Brad Boatright at Audiosiege
Cover Painting : Jeremy Bruneel
Logos : Adam Swinbourne
Layout : Louis Durand

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