Mollo Rilla – Mollo Rilla LP


1. Ego
2. Nightmare
3. Holy Water
4. Ghetto Ghoul
5. In Dreams
6. Nectar
7. Gabriel
8. Anthem Intro
9. Anthem
10. End Times Preacher
11. Flowers
12. Pyramids
13. Ascension
14. Odyssey

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“If you’re a fan of bluesy, sassy, desert-style stoner rock in the vein of Kyuss and QOTSA, you’ll find plenty to love here, with or without the synth (try “Holy Water” for starts, then move on to “End Times Preacher,” then maybe “Pyramids” and “Odyssey”). The band is equally comfortable in the world of shoegaze and psychedelia, too (the dreamy “Ascension,” for instance, which could be the perfect B-side companion to Nirvana’s “Big Long Now”).
There are plenty more surprises in store on the album, such as the lilting “Flowers” – a narcotic slow dance that seems bound for a movie soundtrack. The singing feels like a throwback to the classic crooners of the ’50s and I love that more and more of this style is finding its way into contemporary heavy music.”
Doomed & Stoned

Mollo Rilla is a rock band that formed in 2017 from a group of guys leaving other bands. Their core mission: musical freedom and damn good rock music. The group effortlessly blends other styles in with their American rock grooves, such as Latin guitar, Surf, and even Disco. Their lyrical themes surround feelings, thoughts, and beliefs on freedom, fantasy, faith, and of course LOVE.

There is often a dark undertone in the music of Mollo Rilla that is truly fascinating. That undertones carries throughout the entire record like a thread. Holding all together like charms on a string, all different shapes and sizes coming together in a nice combination to make it not only cohesive but truly something special…

Marco Ciofani: Lead Vocals, Guitar
Joey Shannon: Drums
Simeon Ruple: Keyboards, Vocals
Austin Adams: Bass Guitar, Vocals

Featured Friends: Dante Boccuzzi, Phillip Hockey, Zachary Pavilonis, Trevor Adams, Nate Bucher

Music by Mollo Rilla | Lyrics by Marco Ciofani | Produced by Marco Ciofani
Mixed by Mollo Rilla and Chelsea Boots
Recorded by Nathaniel Bucher and Ben Patrick of Akron Recording Company
Mastered by Adam Boose at Cauliflower Audio
Art work by Garth Phillips

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