The Feral Ghosts – Black Sun LP [PRE-ORDER]


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1. Stranger
2. 1989
3. Luzian
4. Ocean of Fire


5. Witcher
6. Dog
7. Carmesi

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200 x 12″ Vinyl LP

  • 100 x Transparent Blue
  • 100 x Transparent Red

The Feral Ghosts formed in the winter of 2014, emerging from Chicago’s late-night scene with a love of post punk and darkwave. If Sisters of Mercy and Joy Division hooked up after a Queens of the Stone Age show, The Feral Ghosts would be their rebellious, sultry love child. The subtle influences of post punk and psychedelic inspire the sound that has become the unique characteristics of the band, blending heavy intense tracks with raw emotions.

The band’s sophomore album, Black Sun, will release digitally on December 8th with Seeing Red Records handling the vinyl release in early 2024, which is available for preorder now.

The Feral Ghosts’ music can also be heard in the 2022 vampire film, “Appetite for Sin”.

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