Punching Moses – Live Short and Suffer [PRE-ORDER]

Side A
1. Story of All Time
2. Grimm Reailty
3. Blisters
4. The Kill
5. Shadows on the Wall

Side B
6. Gore Bazaar
7. Let’s Destroy Society
8. Catatonic State
9. Dividing Lies
10. Escape the Mausoleum

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300 x 12″ Vinyl LP
At its core, punk rock embodies the downtrodden, disgusting, and rotting underbelly of society. When forthright in their convictions, the practitioners of this outsider art form disrupt the conventional fabric of comfort and conformity with unadulterated rock & roll. No band delivers this quite like Cleveland, Ohio’s Punching Moses who load the rust belt gun, shove the barrel in your mouth, pull the trigger, and die laughing. With enough blood, sweat, angst, piss, vomit and vengeance to make Snake Plissken blush, this band of punk / metal veterans spare none in their path of destruction. Combining plenty of heavy riffage and metal tightness into their nasty punk cesspool, you won’t know whether to circle pit in your Discharge shirt or drive a ’78 Chevy in a Motorhead jacket through the wall of a church. Recently adding new bassist, legendary frontman Tony Erba of Face Value, 9 Shocks Terror, and Fuck You Pay Me fame, the band are in top form and more vicious than ever!

Your eardrums, quite like your feelings, mean absolutely nothing!

FFO: The Accused, Integrity, Ringworm, and D.R.I.

Punching Moses are:
Ben Ihde – Vocals
Jesse Ramsey – Guitars
Attila Csapo – Guitars
Tony Erba – Bass
Jimmy Gasho – Drums

All songs written and recorded by Punching Moses
All bass on the album performed by Shack Erman
Recorded and mixed by The Lizard People
Mastered by J.B. Van Der Wal
Cover Art by Human Furnace
Layout by Nestor Carrera
Photos: Jon Lichtenberg (216 Metal Pics)
Backing vocals on “Blisters” Human Furnace
Backing vocals on “Escape The Mausoleum” Lilah and Norah Csapo

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