Cancer Christ – Satan is a Bitch 7″ EP


Side A
1. Hail Christ III
2. Satan is a Bitch

Side B
3. Dear God Death Squad
4. Hail Christ VI

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Cancer Christ has seen the ailing not too distant future of this godless world. Our bleak existence needs a new, stronger word of God. Cancer Christ is the imperfect vessel to wage a holy war against those who wish to profit from a dying prophet’s words. Cancer Christ understands evil must be fought with true words and even truer actions; fire must be met with fire, darkness must be met with searing and powerful holy light.

The mission of Cancer Christ is to find lost souls to take up arms in this new and uncertain heavenly body. They aim to create a safe space for fans and freaks of all genders, sexualities, races, etc., and all others that wish to fight evil wherever it spews its putrid and vile wickedness.

“‘WE WANT BLOOD’ Inside gig of Reptilian Christian Christ Violence punk band that ‘cleanses the damned’ with blood baptisms & wild chants”
– The U.S. Sun

“Christian punk band ‘cleanses damned’ wth blood baptisms and wild chants at bizarre gig”
– The Mirror

“CANCER CHRIST Aims To Save Fans From Satan With Blood Baptisms, Flamethrowers & Vicious Hardcore”
– Metal Injection

“There’s a ‘Reptilian Christian Christ Violence’ Band That Bathes Fans in Blood at Shows”
– Loudwire

Produced by: Tommy Meehan and Anthony Mehlhaff
Recorded in Los Angeles in 2022 at:
Dolphin Fucker Studios by Tommy Meehan
and Seahorse Sound by Cameron Acosta
Mixed and Mastered by: Rollie Ulug
Photos by: Raz Azraai
Lyrics Photo by: Rob Coons
Blood Spit Photo by: Oginee Viamontes
Bloody Babe: Valentine Dejoie
Layout by: Tommy Meehan and Anthony Mehlhaff

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