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Since 2017, Magnatar have commanded their presence through high voltage amplified atmosphere. Assembled in the mountainous state of New Hampshire, the quad brings about a sound rife with hellish, off-metered dissonance and drone, introspective ambient passages, and a vocal style that transitions between harsh and hypnotic.

“New Hampshire four-piece MAGNATAR struck me immediately as a band that’s striving to see what’s just beyond view of the naked eye. Their sound is continually pushing forward with bold sweeping gestures. One could almost characterize it as monstrous, but truthfully it is both beast and beauty. There are moments on ‘Crushed’ (2022) when the vents are opened up and all hell is cast through them. Other songs on the album usher us through valleys of wonder (“Crown of Thorns”), mountains of disturbing mystery (“Crushed”), and apocalyptic landscapes dotted with meteoric craters (“Even Horizon”).”
– Doomed & Stoned

For fans of YOB, Neurosis, Ken Mode, and Helms Alee

released June 3, 2022

Magnatar is:
Eric Sauter – Guitar/Vocals/Synth
John Funk – Percussion
Colin Ward – Guitar/Vocals
Andrews Pagliuca – Bass

Crushed was written by Magnatar
Viola played by Zach Glennon and backup vocals
from Devin Cox on the song “Crushed”
Recorded, mixed and produced by Eric Sauter,
with assistance from Alex Salter, Brandon Benson and Samuel Tassey
Mastered by Zach Weeks at God City
Artwork by Sienna Langone
Photography by Mike Villars
Layout by Nestor Carrera

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