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“Hailing from Detroit, Michigan, TEMPLE OF THE FUZZ WITCH is everything you might imagine that name implies, and then some. Recently featured in our compilation ‘Doomed & Stoned in Detroit’ (2019), which gave us a taste of the band’s eponymous full-length debut with the single, “Bathsheba.” If you were digging that number, with its affectionate Wizard-worship and narcotic fuzz-crazed haze, then this album is going to be your jam for damn sure.”
Doomed and Stoned

“Temple Of The Fuzz Witch is prime Sabbath worship from a band who follow that blueprint naturally but add different elements of their own personality to create a well executed and assured debut album. The riffs that litter the album are immense and elevate the well crafted songs into something that is infinitely great and demonstrate that this is a band with a bright future ahead of them for sure.”
Outlaws of the Sun

” Temple of the Fuzz Witch have made a fucking awesome album. If you like Doom, you will love this. It’s not much of a review. But maybe it is all you need to know.”
Stoner Hive

“Temple of the Fuzz Witch sounds like it was indeed tracked in a lonesome haunted cathedral.. or Detroit, I guess. Either way, that atmosphere pollutes the record in the best way, making this an essential doom release of this year and one HELL of a debut record. They know what they’re doing and they do it quite fucking well.”
Death Comes Lifting

“These are the sounds that made me fall in love with doom in the first place, & the continuation of that god-given tone is truly a delight to behold. A review of Temple of the Fuzz Witch’s debut in full shall manifest shortly, but for the time being, we implore you: spend a lil’ precious time with Bathsheba.”
Sleeping Village Reviews

“Flashbacks to Electric Wizard and Monolord among others ooze forth from their debut album’s low to the ground grooves and vocals wailing off in the distance. You’ve heard everything this album does before, but the band manages to sound good doing it.”
Indy Metal Vault

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