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“If you’ve ever wanted a band that sounds like High on Fire started succumbing to their punk rock influences, then you’re going to dig Pale Mare.”
Metal Injection
“Pale Mare cast forth a pummel that harnesses High on Fire-style drive without aping Matt Pike‘s style of guitar playing and calls to mind earlier-Neurosis‘ intertwining vocal patterns without being really at all post-metallic. And not for nothing, but I was listening to a track off the new Sepultura record the other day on a whim and “House of War” kind of feels like there’s a little bit of that going on as well.”
The Obelisk
Pale Mare was born out of the desire to play music that is loud, aggressive and full of thick groovy riffs. They released their self-titled EP in November of 2017 through Medusa Crush Records which was met with high praise from the likes of Metal Hammer, Exclaim! And many more. The band preaches “Big Riffs and Tasty Licks” and take pride in being described as “Mötorhead developing a penchant for doom” (Metal Hammer).Having provided Canadian support for touring artists such as Eyehategod, Corrosion of Conformity, Windhand, Satan’s Satyrs, Mutoid Man, Weedeater, Serial Hawk, Black Wizard, King Buffalo, Set and Setting and even Perturbator – Pale Mare have established themselves in their home town of Toronto as a massive force to be reckoned with. Their sound has been likened by some in the same sonic territory as early Baroness, High On Fire, Mastodon and Black Tusk; full of fire, attitude, brimstone, tone and soul – and with a new EP (mixed by Andrew Schnieder, Mastered by Brad Boatwright) ready to be unleashed, Pale Mare prepare to take their sound to the masses full guns ablaze.

“You guys are bad, man. Baaad”
– Pepper Keenan (C.O.C.)

“Sounding like Motorhead developing a penchant for doom, this self-titled EP is raw,
heavy and filthy in the best possible way”
-Metal Hammer Jan 4, 2018 (in print)

“Filled with dense, High On Fire-style groove-laden riffs, the release combines crushing
aggression with doomy rhythms and harsh noisy soundscapes”

“For those of you who long for the days of “Blessed Black Wings” era High on Fire, this
record is the perfect trip down memory-lane”
The Sludgelord

“While continually experimenting, and altering the overall tone of a sound while keeping
the dynamic core of the band, Pale Mare has managed to create a solid EP that delivers
some high points and promises to smooth out the kinks in time for a full length release.”
Distorted Sound Magazine

“What the bastard love child of a Motörhead and High On Fire merging might sound
like” kind of says it all. This self-titled début EP from the Toronto, Ontario post-metal /
sludge act Pale Mare somehow evaded my radar until now.”
Riff Relevant

released April 3, 2020

Eytan Gordon – guitar/vocals
James Tulloch – bass
Kevin Richards – drums/vocals

Pale Mare – S/T EP II
Recorded at Locust Ridge studios outside of Kitchener, Ontario
Mixed by Andrew Schnieder
(Converge, Mutoid Man, Ken Mode, Old Man Gloom)
( )

Mastered by Brad Boatright (Sleep, COC, Yob) )

Inspired by the track “Voidgazer” the EP is completed with jawdroppingly
dark and twisted artwork by Toronto based tattoo artist Arthur Mills.

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