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“A brief moment of glittering guitars provides the short fuse for ignition of the music into a full-throttle surge of thundering drums, gut-slugging bass tones, and roiling riffage, still accented by those brilliantly swirling (and highly memorable) leads. The music periodically grows even more maniacally ferocious, but also delivers bursts of darting fretwork and fusillades of machine-gun percussion…..As the song demonstrates, Meridian Dawn have preserved many of the key elements that led melodic death metal to sweep across the world in its early years, but have added their own modernizing touches in ways that keep the music from sounding like simply a nostalgic re-hash.”

Meridian Dawn cover the musical grounds between Death and Melodic Metal. However, this is not a band that appeals to the typical “metal clichés” but, instead, encompass a sound and aesthetic that’s all its own.

Formed originally as a side project by vocalist Antony Hämäläinen (Nightrage, Armageddon, Crystal Tears) and guitarist/bassist Nick Ziros (Into The Moat, Remembering Never), the band immediately began writing and recording their debut EP. “The Mixtape EP” was produced in Skövde, Sweden by Thomas “Plec” Johansson and released in 2014. It received positive reviews for it’s heaviness, clean production, and raw attitude, a full frontal attack that was more than enough to prepare everyone for the beauty and savagery of the band’s debut album!

After some changes in line-up the band is ready to unleash it’s first full length The Fever Syndrome. Longtime drummer Johan Nunez (Nightrage, Kamelot, Marty Friedman, Firewind), the only familiar face from the bands debut EP, provides a stellar and versatile drum performance that compliments the varied, yet cohesive, song writing.

Engineered and mixed by Meridian Dawn and mastered once again by Jeff Cloyes (311, Lauren Hill, Plies, Bishop, Remembering Never), “The Fever Syndrome” will be available in both digital streaming and limited deluxe digi-pack edition via Seeing Red Records!

Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 epidemic, the planned vinyl copies will be put on hold until the band can coincide this release with it’s first live performances. This streaming and CD release date is currently booked and so far, still going forward. It will be announced in the coming months!

released July 10, 2020

Antony Hämäläinen (Armageddon, Nightrage, Crystal Tears) – Vocals
Nick Ziros (Into The Moat, Remembering Never) – Guitars, Bass

Music/Lyrics by Meridian Dawn
Album Cover Artwork by Gustavo ‘Perkele’ Sazes
Cover Artwork Model Matilda Roslund
Photography by Anna Smal

Produced, Mixed, & Engineered by Nicholas Ziros @ Frankenstein’s Studio, San Diego
Vocals Produced & Engineered by Antony Hämäläinen
Mastered by Jeff Cloyes
Drums Recorded @ Ear We Go Studio, Brussels, Belgium

Additional Personal:
Drums – Johan Nunez
Guitar Solo on “Dressed In Ice” – CJ Cussell
Meridian Dawn would like to thank all their friends and family.
Meridian Dawn would like to kill all of their enemies…

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